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Leroy Anderson (1950)
Composition: "A Trumpeter's Lullaby"
Composer: Leroy Anderson
Copyright: © 1950 Woodbury Music Company LLC
Completed: September 22, 1949
Instrumentation: Orchestra
First Performed: February 4, 1950, Leroy Anderson, conductor, North Carolina All-State High School orchestra, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  May 9, 1950, Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler, conductor, Roger Voisin, trumpet solo, Symphony Hall, Boston, Mass.
First Recording: June 18, 1950, Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler, conductor
Recorded by Leroy Anderson: September 11, 1950 [analog monaural] Decca Records, New York, New York.
Length: 3:00
Transcriptions by Leroy Anderson: Band; Piano; Trumpet and Piano; Trumpet Trio and Piano.

About the music:

Leroy Anderson wrote "A Trumpeter's Lullaby" at the request of Boston Pops Orchestra principal trumpet Roger Voisin.  Voisin complained about having to play the same trumpet piece every time an encore was needed.  The lullaby is played by the orchestra underneath the melody that is played by the trumpet.  Anderson dedicated "A Trumpeter's Lullaby" to Roger Voisin.  It is frequently performed in concert on American holidays which have either a patriotic or memorial theme.

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