"Next to Johann Strauss there was nobody who could do a certain kind of music better than Anderson. I think he was one of the most completely innovative composers who ever lived - a wonderful and unique talent."
- Nicolas Solinmsky, author, editor
"Leroy Anderson's orchestral miniatures, including The Syncopated Clock, Sleigh Ride, and Blue Tango are among the best known American concert music written after Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Copland's Appalachian Spring."

- Howard Pollack, musicologist, author "Harvard Composers"
"The craftsmanship, the humor, the humanity!"

- Vladimir Spivakov, violinist, conductor
"Leroy Anderson is one of the great American masters of light orchestral music. Though we have performed his works countless times over the years at the Boston Pops, his music remains forever young and fresh as the very first day on which it was composed."

- John Williams, compser; laureate conductor, Boston Pops
"Some have called Gershwin the Johann Strauss, Jr. of American music, but one might argue that the designation sits more comfortably on the shoulders of Leroy Anderson."

- Michael Steinberg, Program Notes, NY Philharmonic
"Leroy Anderson epitomizes for our era what such earlier masters as Stephen Foster, Victor Herbert and John Philip Sousa did for their eras - the highest standards of craftsmanship tied to widespread popularity."

- Robert Sherman, WQXR, New York City
"Leroy Anderson's music has thrilled millions of Americans and indeed the entire international music world for over sixty years."

- Erich Kunzel, conductor
"Leroy Anerson is one of the great bridges of American music, a musician who tore down the wall between the so-called 'serious' music and so-called 'popular' music. He introduced millions of people to the sounds a symphony orchestra can make painlessly, with consumate taste and an ear for whimsy."

- Richard S. Ginell, music critic
"Leroy Anderson had a rare and remarkable wisdom, unusual among composers in any style. He knew the precise measure of his own talent. He never failed to polish his creations to perfection, yet he was never pretentions. The honesty and candor in his music is what earns it a lasting place in the repertoire, secure where thousands of imitators have disappeared."

- Andrew Massey, conductor and composer
"Sleigh ride almost certainly holds the distinction of having been recorded by a broader aesthetic range of performers than any other piece in the history of Western music."

- Steve Metcalf, Hartford Courant
"One of the best overtures ever written was for the 1958 musical Goldilocks"

- Howard Kissel