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Yulia Fedorov

Yulia Fedorov, pianist


"Andante from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra"

  "As I studied the score of Leroy Anderson's Concerto in C, the second movement, 'Andante', quickly became my favorite.  It resonated with many other romantic classical pieces that I love playing.  It reminded me of music by Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, and Tchaikovsky.  But along with its romantic lyricism, long phrases, sincere and breathtaking openness, there is a special, Leroy Anderson signature.

- Yulia Fedorov, August 19, 2020


"Andante from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra"
  by Leroy Anderson
Arranged for piano and performed by Yulia Fedorov
Leroy Anderson House, August 19, 2020

Video: "Andante


"The Music in My Heart"
  by Leroy Anderson
Arranged for piano and violin; performed by Yarek Tereshchenko, violin and Yulia Fedorov, piano
July 27, 2017

Video: "The Music in My Heart

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Nathan Zemp

Nathan Zemp, musician, arranger


A Christmas Festival

//  "This piece is very special to me, and has been a part of my life since I was just a baby.  The New Westminster and District Concert Band, a group that many of my family members and I play in, performs "A Christmas Festival" every year at their annual Christmas concert.  As we were unable to perform it for Christmas 2020, I created this piano arrangement to share in the joy of this medley from home.  When writing this arrangement, I aimed to capture the many different stylistic characters and ingenious countermelodies that make this piece a perennial favourite."

- Nathan Zemp, February 11, 2021


"A Christmas Festival" by Leroy Anderson
Arranged for piano and performed by Nathan Zemp

Video: "A Christmas Festival

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Susan Anthony Klein

Susan Anthony Klein, pianist, organist, accompanist


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Joseph Darcourt

Joseph Darcourt, cellist


  by Leroy Anderson
Arranged for cello and performed by Joseph Darcourt
Leroy Anderson House, October 12, 2020.

Video: "Arietta

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