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updated January 2, 2024

Music Publisher in Woodbury, Connecticut

Woodbury Music Company is the publisher and copyright holder of music written by Leroy Anderson, well known composer of light concert music who lived in Woodbury, Connecticut from 1948 to 1975.   Woodbury Music Company is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), National Music Publishers Association, Music Publishers Association of the United States and NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants.

  Founded on January 24, 1961 by Leroy Anderson as Woodbury Music Corporation, Woodbury Music was reorganized on December 23, 2003 as Woodbury Music Company LLC.

Our mission is to make the music of composer and arranger Leroy Anderson available for performance by orchestras, bands, other ensembles, soloists, music educators and students.


Printed Music
Link to Printed Music / Woodbury Music Company LLC

  By agreement with Woodbury Music Company LLC (WMC), Alfred Music Publishing administers the worldwide Print rights to several compositions by Leroy Anderson including Leroy Anderson's original orchestrations for full orchestra, string orchestra, concert band, piano and other ensembles.   By agreement with WMC, Alfred licenses and, in some cases, sells arrangements by others of Leroy Anderson's music.   WMC has authorized Hal Leonard to sell several of Leroy Anderson's compositions.

  Numerous editions for Orchestra previously printed by E.F. Kalmus by agreement with WMC have been unavailable.   Woodbury Music Company LLC is making 43 editions for Orchestra and 23 editions for Band of Leroy Anderson's music available for sale to orchestras and bands starting in March 2022.

  See the Printed Music page on this website.




  Copyrights to the music of Leroy Anderson are held by Woodbury Music Company LLC.

Streaming / Webcast   A Streaming license must be obtained from Woodbury Music Company prior to including a performance of Leroy Anderson's music in a video to be broadcast in any manner.

Arrangements   To make an arrangement of a composition by Leroy Anderson or to make a medley that includes part or all of a composition by Leroy Anderson, you must first receive our permission to arrange if you intend to publish / sell the arrangement or perform the arrangement in public (live stage or video web-stream)

Sheet music rental, sales + downloads   Arrangements of music by Leroy Anderson may not be sold or rented either as physical copies or digital downloads without our permission.

Choreography / Dance   Dance choreography written to be performed to the music of Leroy Anderson must be licensed by Woodbury Music Company before each performance, whether on the live stage or in a video to be broadcast in any manner.

Complete Music Reference   For a complete list of the compositions and arrangements by Leroy Anderson, see the page: Leroy Anderson: Complete Music Reference.

  For information concerning the use of Leroy Anderson's music, contact the Leroy Anderson family via email only at: woodburymusic.ct(at)gmail.com


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