Woodbury Music Company LLC

updated April 5, 2020

Music Publisher in Woodbury, Connecticut

Woodbury Music Company is the publisher and copyright holder of music written by Leroy Anderson, well known composer of light concert music who lived in Woodbury, Connecticut from 1948 to 1975.  Woodbury Music Company is a member of National Music Publishers Association, Music Publishers Association of the United States and NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants.

 Founded on January 24, 1961 by Leroy Anderson as Woodbury Music Corporation, Woodbury Music was reorganized on December 23, 2003 as Woodbury Music Company LLC.

Our mission is to make the music of composer and arranger Leroy Anderson available for performance by orchestras, bands, other ensembles, soloists, music educators and students.

Copyrights to the music of Leroy Anderson are held by Woodbury Music Company LLC.  For information concerning the use of Leroy Anderson's music, contact the Leroy Anderson family at: info[at]woodburymusic[dot]com.

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