"Andante from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra"

Leroy Anderson,
arranged by Yulia Fedorov.

Composition: "Andante" (II) from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra
Composer: Leroy Anderson
Completed: 1953
Arranger: Yulia Fedorov
Arrangement completed: August 19, 2020
Instrumentation of Arrangement: Piano
Arrangement first performed: August 19, 2020, Leroy Anderson House, Woodbury, Connecticut; Yulia Fedorov, pianist
Length of first performance: 4:30
Arrangement first recorded: August 19, 2020, Leroy Anderson House, Woodbury, Connecticut; Yulia Fedorov, pianist
Length of first recording: 4:30
Copyright: 2020 by Woodbury Music Company LLC, Woodbury, Connecticut


Leroy Anderson composed the "Concerto in C for Piano and orchestra" in 1953 in Woodbury, Connecticut.  The family of Leroy Anderson commissioned Yulia Fedorov to make an arrangement for solo piano of the 2nd movement "Andante" of the "Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra".  Yulia Fedorov's arrangement was first performed during a recording at the Leroy Anderson House in Woodbury, Connecticut on August 19, 2020.

Arrangement of "Andante" by Yulia Fedorov

//  "As I studied the score of Leroy Anderson's Concerto in C, the second movement, 'Andante', quickly became my favorite.  It resonated with many other romantic classical pieces that I love playing.  It reminded me of music by Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, and Tchaikovsky.  But along with its romantic lyricism, long phrases, sincere and breathtaking openness, there is a special, Leroy Anderson signature.

- Yulia Fedorov, August 19, 2020

"Leroy Anderson, known all over the world as a great master of short and fun orchestral pieces, composed "Andante" as a part of his "Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra".  This true, piano masterpiece has been like a hidden gem, not performed as much as the composer's popular orchestral pieces.  Over the years, it was mainly played as a part of a longer concerto and needed orchestral accompaniment to allow the music to flow continuously.  While learning the Concerto score, I carefully studied both piano and orchestral parts as a pianist and theorist, and with excitement approached the arrangement of the "Andante" as a music educator.  This is when new insights led me to a special project.  Upon receiving the commission, I started working on arranging "Andante" into a solo concert piano piece.  This arrangement of the "Andante" can be played by pianists and advanced students in smaller chamber settings without an orchestra, but within the composer's original form, and with all the original orchestral and piano melodies and harmonies woven together into one."

- Yulia Fedorov, December 2020

Yulia Fedorov

  Yulia Fedorov is a music educator, concert pianist, music historian and theorist, conductor and arranger who has been performing and teaching music for over twenty-five years.  A native of Ukraine, Yulia Fedorov received both master's and bachelor's degrees in Music Education, Piano Performance, Historical Musicology and Music Theory from Lviv Music Academy (Ukraine, 2000), and Dnipro Conservatory of Music (Ukraine, 1996).  She earned her Master of Science in Music Education from Western Connecticut State University (Danbury, Connecticut 2015) and graduated with an advanced degree from The Graduate Institute (2020, Bethany, Connecticut).  She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three children.


The Yulia Fedorov arrangement of "Andante from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra" is available exclusively from Alfred Music Publishing.


"Music from the Leroy Anderson House"
Andante from Concerto in C for Piano and Orchestra

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