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Thanks to those who have submitted entries to the Guestbook page. We appreciate hearing from people who enjoy Leroy Anderson's music.

The Anderson Family

A recent reminder of the charm of "Forgotten Dreams" was hearing it in the French movie "Populaire", which uses that melody several times to excellent effect.

And then I remembered that Leroy Anderson played his music at the Harvard Club of Boston one Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1962 or 1963. He played with the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, of which I was a member. Anderson autographed two programs. One I sent to my brother, who also admired Leroy Anderson's music. The other program I still have.

John Siegmund
Alexandria, Virginia
November 9, 2013

Capital City Band of Tallahassee has played Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride almost every year for the past 35 years. But I am still excited about having it on the program for our upcoming holiday concerts. Why? Because this time I get to conduct it!

Our director, Chuck Perego, asks the band's two assistant conductors to select one number to conduct on each concert. I picked Sleigh Ride mainly because it is has the same meter and tempo throughout, so I thought it would be easy to rehearse and perform. But then I thought, "Heck, as long as I'm up here, I am going to rehearse it as though we had never played it before."

What I discovered is that while it is relatively simple and fun, there are a lot of good lessons in this piece: lessons about dynamics, articulation, changes in style, special effects, etc. Who knew?

Anyway, thanks, again, Leroy, for a great holiday tradition.

Sara Carter Pankaskie
Tallahassee, Florida
November 8, 2013

Back again...after a hiatus. Thanks to my previous entries on my IPOD I listened to Mr.Andersons''s entire output including Goldilocks and his piano concerto, all sounded as brilliant as ever. We thank God for having sent him to us, his bright light of music in the dark path many of us have to walk. Glad to see others enjoying his music and new people discovering him for the first time. I heard his music on the radio as a child, enjoyed it very much ,but wasn't until 1960 that I found out who he was and bought his three Decca records. I have been enjoying his music ever since (I'm 64 now).

Best regards to all and the Anderson family,

Steve Gregg
California USA
October 8, 2013

Thank you for the memories.

Leroy's music was almost synonymous with the distinctive sound of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, particularly in the 1950s.

To hear any of those tracks sends my mind skittering back to my childhood, the memories and joy are as vivid today as they were then.

Thank you again for perpetrating the memory of this great man and musician.

Leonard "Spike" Jones
South Australia
July 28, 2013

What a talented composer!

I stumbled onto this website this evening. My wife and I had just heard "Forgotten Dreams" once again and were trying to determine the inspiration for that song.

I have a Christmas collection of over 70 different versions of "Sleigh Ride" which is easily my favorite Christmas song of all time. My family thinks I am nuts, but I love it.

Thank you for sharing his music!

Michael Krickl
Fontana, Wisconsin
July 6, 2013

Dear Anderson family,

I love Mr. Anderson's music. It lifts my spirits. It makes me happy.

Thank you

July 6, 2013

Dear Anderson family,

As the director of the Appleton City Band in Appleton, Wisconsin, I will not let the music of Leroy Anderson fade. Tomorrow evening we are doing a concert featuring 9 of his hits including, the Rakes of Mallow, Horse and Buggy, Bugler's Holiday, The Typewriter, Blue Tango and so much more. Your website was wonderfully valuable to share important aspects of Leroy's life with our 400+ weekly concert-goers.

Thank you so much!

Jim Thaldorf
Appleton North High School - Director of Bands
Appleton, Wisconsin
February 23, 2013

Dear Anderson family,

What a legacy of music has been left by your father. I am captivated by the music of Leroy.

The music is entitled Leroy Anderson Hits played beautifully by Sharon Weigand. The music is fresh, catchy and thoroughly enjoyable even after 50+ years.

Thank you Anderson Family for allowing this to music to be perpetuated.

Tony & Mandy Coyne
June 24, 2013

Dear Anderson family,

It was not until I found this site and listened to the music samples stored here that I realised how much of the music I had enjoyed in my childhood and beyond was actually composed by Leroy Anderson. As I will be 73 next week, and being born in England, it was the radio - or wireless as we called it - that provided entertainment during my earlier years, so these pieces became very familiar to me, although I probably didn't take much notice of composer's names. There is a richness in the arrangements that appeals to me as well as the novelty in many cases.

I enjoyed an hour or so listening to, and remembering, many familiar and enjoyable compositions.

Many thanks for that!

Don Johnson
United Kingdom
January 14, 2013

Dear Anderson family,

Christmas day I had the good fortune of listening to Leroy Anderson's Christmas special on public radio... It was very enjoyable. It brought me back to some of the most wonderful memories of my childhood.

I was talking to my uncle Jim about Leroy Anderson's music and he is also a huge fan. It turns out that Jim played a portion of Bugler's Holiday when he was in high school, to much applause. It's one of his favorite's.

Thank you for making sure this music and the talent of Leroy Anderson is available for all to enjoy!

Whitney Hanson
Vermont U.S.A.
January 1, 2013