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- The Anderson Family

Sleigh Ride is one of our favorite Christmas songs, and there are so many versions I had forgotten what the original sounded like.

On Christmas Eve we heard the original on the radio, which I recognized from many years ago when my parents played the LP "Leroy Anderson Conducts." My domestic partner had never heard this version, nor had he even heard of Leroy Anderson.

After a quick internet search, I found your website and remembered many more songs that I had loved in my earliest childhood. Tears came to my eyes as I listened to the sample downloads and remembered this timeless music. I remembered the lighthearted fun my family had watching televised Leroy Anderson concerts back in the 60s.

Thanks for a wonderful website and for sharing your family history with us, and for the walk down memory lane. I will definitely buy a CD and take this "walk" again soon.

Robin Witmore
Santa Cruz, California
December 30, 2005

Leroy Anderson's music is wonderful!

Mrs. Nena von Bogen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 26, 2005

I have loved the music of Leroy Anderson since I was a tiny child, so it amazes me that it took me so long to find out who he was, what kind of a life he lived. I am thrilled to see that I have never had a Christmas without Sleigh Ride! I was an infant when he wrote it, and it's one of the first pieces of music I remember hearing.

Amy Stuart,
Palm Desert, California
December 25, 2005

I am age 81 and am one who deeply appreciated Leroy Anderson's music. I consider his music to America as Norman Rockwell's paintings to America.

I recall a period of my life when after graduating from college, the USA was in a deep recession - jobs were difficult to find. I did find a job but it was a dead end. My days were mechanical and most frustrating. Every day I lunched at a local luncheonette. Every lunch, I played serenata on the juke box, which let me touch beauty and neutralized my sense of unfullfillment. Shortly after that period I obtained a job in international trade, which was both a facinating field, as well as financially rewarding.

I will always remember and play Leroy Anderson's music. I consider him to be one of my best friends.

Edward Rasko
December 25, 2005

I began listening to Leroy Anderson's music when I was 13 or 14, and for quite a while I claimed him as my favorite composer. I've since moved on to "heavier" classics, but Anderson has always occupied a special place in my heart. He taught me how to listen to an orchestra, and his melodies have been unforgettable. I still have the old Decca recordings, and Christmas isn't Christmas until I've heard "Sleigh Ride."

Joe Barron
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 23, 2005

I saw Leroy Anderson's biography on Channel Eight last night and am very impressed. He surely made a big contribution to the world of music ! We sing Sleigh Ride every year in our Christmas concert. Kudos to Leroy Anderson !
December 23, 2005

At 37 I would like to think I know quite a bit about this world and as a lover of history and music there isn't much I haven't heard.

  I recently watched a documentary about Leroy Anderson. I knew the songs and had heard of the name. Every Christmas I hear his music.

  I 'm not sure I am putting into words what I would like to say - but I felt like a kid who believes in Santa and is getting one of the greatest gifts of all. I feel so thankful to a man I can not even thank. What a brilliant mind and such a great gift to receive.
December 23, 2005

Awesome music and exceptional popular music.


December 16, 2005

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed Mr. Anderson's music over the years. What a wonderful composer. If we could only hear such music again, on a regular basis. I know I will be humming his music for days.

Lou Leo, N.Y.
December 15, 2005

Leroy Anderson’s gift of beautiful music is a musical heritage so often taken for granted. There are very few American composers with music more beautiful than his, yet no other composer left more memorable, lasting music than Leroy Anderson. “Sleigh Ride” has to be the best example: it is as though this beautiful, glorious song has been here forever, and Christmas without it would never be the same.

Tom Tyson
December 14, 2005

I had never really discovered Mr. Anderson's music, until I turned 50 years old. As a musician, I'm not sure how his great work escaped me, but a year later, I'm a huge fan, and so is my wife. We now both have "The Leroy Anderson Collection" CDs in both our cars, and play them all the time, especially on long road trips.

;The joyful, inventive melodies Mr. Anderson created are timeless and transcend the generations. Our 9-year old boy knows all the songs, and is growing up with some great music now.

Dana Countryman
Seattle, WA
December 11, 2005

My sister & I are so excited to find this website. Our Dad was a huge fan of Leroy Anderson’s work. His favorites were Bugler’s Holiday (He played the trumpet) and The Typewriter. We will be passing on Mr. Anderson’s work to our children and grandchildren now that we can purchase these CD’s. To say the least it has brought a lot of nostalgia to our lives with memories of listening to the records with our Dad, Mom & brothers. Thank you for preserving this wonderful music.

With Great Admiration,
Rebecca Johnson & Linda Eldridge
December 8, 2005

Thanks to Leroy Anderson for his numerous brilliant works. His musical phrases are unequalled in their dexterity, intelligence and polished expression. What a rare privilege it is to be able to acquire his music to hear as often as we wish!

John Dallair
San Antonio, Texas
December 6, 2005

I have always loved hearing the music but until today, never knew anything about the man who composed it. He must have been an interesting person. I have decided that I want to be sure my grandchildren hear his music so I have ordered two cd.'s from Amazon so I can play it in my home.

S. Murray
December 6, 2005

As a child growing up in the early 50's, my life seemed so chaotic. My father, a Marine serving in Korea, was sent home on emergency leave to see his son afflicted with a severe case of polio, my mother so young at the time dealing with three children, most of the time by herself. There just seemed to be so much ugliness in the world. I remember one day my mother was ironing and I was playing next to her skirts when on the radio the most beautiful song that I ever heard started playing. To this day it is my favorite song in the whole world because it makes me feel the same today as it did back then. That song was "Blue Tango". Every time that song started playing I was transformed into a child with no problems as I swirled around and around while dressed in my mothers long skirts. Thank you Mr. Anderson for being the angel that helped a small girl survive.

Sheri Santini
December 4, 2005

I want to thank you for the website. My introduction to Leroy Anderson was High School Band, when we play A Christmas Festival, Sleigh Ride, Bugler's Holiday, and Trumpeter's Lullaby. I have enjoyed his music through the years and keep checking up on recent and current recordings.

Judson L. Day
Sacramento, CA
December 3, 2005

The music of Leroy Anderson has resonated throughout my entire life. I believe that there is no other composer of any era that surpasses his music in terms of elevating the spirit and/or inspiring joyous emotion. Mr. Anderson was a gift from God to us all.

Michael Kandrac
Grand Prairie, Texas
December 3, 2005

I am a new member of the Harvard University Band, and we are one organization that certainly wouldn't be anything without Leroy Anderson, his music, and his influence. Most of our football fight songs were arranged or written by him, and he was certainly the best known director that the band ever had. I cannot say how much I appreciate everything he did for us. Even though we will never know him, he holds a special place in all of our hearts.

Sandy Bolm
HUB Class of '09
December 2, 2005

Frederick Fennell`s interpretation of Leroy's music is simply fabulous. I`ve just purchased a new release (SACD) of the Mercury presence recordings with stunning sound. I urge all of you who worship Leroy Anderson's music to lend an ear. This should be THE Christmas gift to each and everyone.

Erik Jansson
December 02, 2005

My name is Catia, I'm 14 and I live in Israel. I play 2nd violin in a teenagers' orchestra called "Aliat-ha-Noar". We are playing now "Fiddle-Faddle", by Leroy Anderson. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy his music and I'm so glad there are sites like this that will save his memory for ever! Keep up the good work!


Catia Kucherenko
November 18, 2005

I was surfing the net looking for midi files for my pc when I ran into this site. I was introduced to Mr. Andersons music back in 1975, by my 7th grade music teacher. He used to turn off the lights and tell us to just close our eyes, relax and listen to the music. Needless to say this was one of the best music classes that I ever had. Listening to music midi's of some of Mr. Anderson's music took me back to a more simpler time of my life. I have an LP of Mr. Anderson that I won in a contest in this class. As I graduated from High school one of my 1st jobs was being a Teacher's Aide. To my luck since I liked music, I was allowed to handle the musical part of the class. I in turned introduced Mr. Anderson's music to the 5th & 6th graders in our class. I can't tell how much pleasure I have enjoyed just from this one LP. It was a real pleasure to run into this site. Thank you so much for keeping Mr. Anderson's legacy going on. You have done a wonderful job.

Best wishes,

David E. Diaz
November 17, 2005

Thanks for including some of The Snycopated Clock. That was one of my favorite songs during my childhood and it brings back good memories.

John P. Moran
November 16, 2005

This morning, my husband and I rediscovered our ten inch record of "Leroy Anderson Conducts". His music is as fresh and beautiful as ever. When "The Trumpeter's Lullaby" began, we spontaneously began to cry. It is so beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Anderson.

Dick & Rose Olsgaard
November 15, 2005

The typewriter song is the best ! Thank you !

Rita Moore
November 04, 2005

This magnificent American musician placated my world at my lowest point in my short life. Back in 1950 in the little town of Bolton, England at the age of 6 years old I was subjected to seeing my father attack my mother in an attempt to kill her. Leaving the home in the middle of a stormy night, raining, thundering and lightning - my tiny heart was broken and fearful. Yuletide that year was the "Hard Candy Christmas". I did not feel safe anymore. My Mom, sister, brother and I moved into a safe house and a short while later a home of our own. We got a radio and one night " Blue Tango" was played and that's when my Mom who was just so happy to be in our own home, picked me up and danced me around the Parlour. It was the first time I had felt peace and joy since the attack.

; I shall never forget that awesome feeling. The joy and the emotion just overwhelmed me. I thought the world had gone mad, but Leroy showed me there was beauty in the world. God love him, God bless him and the world is a better place because of him. And I know I will get to thank him personally in the next life. Always in my heart. Thank you so much Mr. Anderson!

Michael J. Wilson
November 02, 2005

I am a music teacher at a Christian private school in Maynard, MA. I have introduced my elementary students to listening repertoire using "The Syncopated Clock". They request repeat listenings to this above any and all other musical activity. One 3rd grader had her family immediately purchase Mr. Anderson's Greatest Hits CD. Thank you for this well put together website.

Mrs. Julie Miller
October 18, 2005

Great site. I am going to share it with my band students.

Bruce Bjorna
Desert Sky Middle School
Glendale Arizona
September 14, 2005

My first experience with the music of Leroy Anderson was in the mid 50s; I was a goofy kid playing clarinet in my high school band during the concert band season (i.e. after the football season). For a week or so the director had us practicing the "Trumpeters Lullaby", without the trumpet part, so the the music was okay but nothing special to me. Then came the day of our concert and the time in the program when "Trumpeters Lullaby" was to be play. We played what turned out to be the introduction and everything was fine. Then all of a sudden a fellow, who I had not seen before, stood up in the front with a trumpet and began playing the trumpet part. Well, I was so surprised and caught by the beauty of it I was was dumbfounded, I felt faint and couldn't play a note. To this day, some 50 or so years later, this piece is special to me; for that occasion and because of it's simplistic beauty. Thank goodness there are people like Mr. Anderson who can create such beauty, particularly in a world that can be quite ugly at times.

Stewart Turner
July 21, 2005

I grew up with Leroy's music in school and have a strong connection to the man I never met. As a trumpet player, I hope to sit with him someday as the Heavenly trumpets play "Bugler's Holiday". It'll be a Great Day!

Karl Williamson
June 11, 2005

The Brass Band in South Australia that I conduct loves to play the music of Leroy Anderson. Bugler's Holiday is one of our and our audience's favorites and is often requested. Thank you for giving us fabulous music to play.

Elizabeth Stoldt
Victor Harbor, South Australia
May 29, 2005

I wanted also to express my deep appreciation of Leroy Anderson's music.

;In the past month, I've become an enormous fan, playing the CD I received repeatedly. For me, there is a sparkle and sublimity in many of his pieces that touch my soul like no other twentieth century composer. Having been born in 1947, the songs also bring back the unique spirit of the time when I was a small child. I recall having enjoyed hearing Syncopated Clock and Blue Tango on the radio when I was only 3 and 4 years old. So through Leroy's music, I made a direct connection with my early childhood.

;I agree with what John Williams said in a PBS interview, that Leroy was a true master of light classical music, and that he could very likely come to be appreciated even more in the future.

;Thank you for helping to preserve and disseminate Leroy's music.

Ed Bourne
May 20, 2005

THIRTY YEAR LATER...May, 18th of 2005.

Dear Family of Leroy Anderson:

;The music of our dear Maestro always stays with us, because his music expresses beautiful feelings. His musical personality grows with the passing of time. I´m a musician and composer... listening to his records, I learn many things. Leroy Anderson is like my teather in orchestration. When I work, his musical figure is in my mind, and when I read his works I feel near to him. I never knew anyone like him... His music wakes up our inner child and invites him to play... His music is always ¨joyfull¨ and fills us with mirth and love, things that the world needs today.

;Leroy Anderson`s music reminds us of a good home, where the father and mother care and play with the children. His music expresses great emotion that uplifts me. I never knew him personally, but his melodies tell me how he was...

Abel Bensi (composer)
Venado Tuerto
Santa Fe. Argentina.
May 18, 2005

Today 30 years have passed since the death of Leroy Anderson. What a pity that he passed away so young and so early. But what a wonderful music he has left us. America has every reason to be proud of this great musician and composer. Many warm greetings.

Paul Becker, Stockholm, Sweden.
May 18, 2005

Two years ago our orchestra performed a retrospective of Meastro Anderson's music at our holiday POPS concert. We performed "The Waltzing Cat" ,"Sycopated Clock", "Sleigh Ride", "Christmas Festival", "Sandpaper Ballet", " Trumpeter's Lullay", "Bugler's Holiday" the collection of Irish folk songs and many others. Our performance included a video with Mr. Anderson. His music is among the best ever written by any American composer. We were joined that evening by Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Anderson's son, who conducted us for several numbers. What a treat. I would like to thank Mr. Anderson for all his music. It has inspired generations of composers and musicians.

Michael W. Morley II
Academic Secretary of the University of Mary Washington
Department of Music
UMW-CSO Orchestra Manager
May 10, 2005

Hello ! I am now age 68 and throughout those years I have been enthralled and enchanted by the compositions, arrangements and playing of Leroy Anderson's music. Truly, it has enriched my life, and made 'my world' a better place, while 'wrapped-up-in-his-wizardry' , moment by moment. Thank you most sincerely, Leroy. - from a grateful listener.

Arthur C. Healy, Dublin, Ireland
April 25, 2005

Hello! My favorite is SANDPAPER BALLET. Lovely.

Maxi. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
April 24, 2005

My favorite is the little-known Suite of Carols for Woodwinds ensemble. Lovely.

Catherine Hope-Cunningham
April 15, 2005

Leroy Anderson's Bugler's Holiday was a joy to play (especially when the trumpets messed up with the fast tempo and 16th notes). Great composition!

Vanessa Solorzano
April 13, 2005

When tucked away to bed back in the early 1960s’, I would often fall asleep to the sound of the “Syncopated Clock” as played as an introduction of the late show.  This song reminds me of the earliest and most secure memories of my life.  I now play it for my own boys at bedtime as I have all of their lives.  They are now 5 and 8.  My family has been and continues to be blessed by Mr. Anderson’s music.  Thank you.

Jim Schanz
April 4, 2005

It is with great pleasure that I write to express the admirationthat I have for the music of Leroy Anderson.  I have finally found a way to acquire his recordings that represent that wonderful musical craftsmanship that his alone.  Thank you.

Cicero Gonzaga
March 11, 2005

With the crisp strains of "Bugler's Holiday" in the background, I keyboard this note.  Great music.  I remember high school orchestra in the early 60s.  Pacific High School, San Bernardino, California.  4200 students, three music directors.  So we had a fairly decent orchestra, with one conductor for wind and another for string.  You never hear of that anymore, I don't think.

;And it was Anderson's music that was one of the major high points.  I especially liked "Bugler's Holiday" -- since I played violin!  Never could really get a handle on "Fiddle Faddle," I must admit (though "Jazz Pizzicato" was within the realm of possibility).  But we did, one year, get three trumpeters who could handle "BH." And "Sleigh Ride" was requisite every year during the Christmas program -- back when they had those, too.

;Great man, great music.  Thanks to whomever wrote up the biography.  I didn't know anything about his linguistic abilities, or his work during WWII.  He died far too young.

James C. Bangsund
March 5, 2005

Hi.  I grew up with Leroy Anderson's music (born in 1940).  The website is great!  Thanks for perpetuating the memory of a great musician!

Jason Neumann-Grable
February 22, 2005

I've been a fan of Anderson's music since the early 50's when we would listen to recordings played back at 78rpm. I recently had the opportunity to review a concert by a Canadian classical group called "Ensemble Vivant". Their two-disk CD titled "The Music of Leroy Anderson" captures more than his melodies, one can appreciate the essence of the man in Catherine Wilson's interpretations. I recommend it to all of the composers myriad fans.

Daniel Gaisin
Theatre & Concert critic
"Oakville Today"
February 19, 2005

I have kept coming back again and again over the past 50 years or so to Mr. Anderson's music. A testimony to the greatness and endurance of this man's compositions. Back of all the dips and dives of popular tastes, from ragtime to hip hop, stands this man's extraordinary contribution to american (and world) music. I've always loved it and am passing on this rich treasure trove to my grandchildren. God bless his memory!

Darwin Jensen
February 04, 2005

Just a few words of appreciation for the quiet genius of Leroy Anderson.

His genius is to me, that he never had a particular "sound" to his music because it was so wide and varied with very creative use of non-conventional "instruments" to express his wide and varied themes.

Randy Lester
Ottawa, Canada
January 18, 2005

I am an aspiring clarinetist and I must say,Leroy Anderson's Clarinet Candy is the best arrangement I have played. Anderson is my favorite composer. The way he writes is fantastic and so much fun to play.

David Chester
January 11, 2005