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What a wonderful gift the music of Leroy Anderson keeps giving to us. The world in enriched by his gift.

Paul Langenfeld
December 8, 2008

Ever since my childhood I have enjoyed, marvelled and choked up over the beauty and brilliance of Leroy Anderson's compositions and recordings. When my record collecting was in its heyday ('60s and '70s) I targeted several Leroy Anderson LPs and even transcribed most of them to tape for more frequent playing. I will not begin to list my favorites because that would create too much internal conflict. But I will mention that the first one I remember on the radio was The Syncopated Clock, which we hummed and tapped at home many times. I came to this site because I answered a query on the site "Name My Tune" which was one I recognized: Bugler's Holiday. This music will live on and outlive most other pop material !

Thomas Van Keuren
December 4, 2008

What beautiful light music. It must be the most recognized music in the land. This is a wonderful web-site. It really introduces the music to generations that have yet to know. But once known, never forgotten. I hope that more will come to know the works of Leroy Anderson. While we hear Sleigh Ride at holiday time. This is but the tip of the ice berg. Everyone please enjoy.

George Rominch
December 4, 2008

Dear Anderson Family,
My first recollection of Mr. Anderson's work was in grade school in Oak Park, Illinois. We were given a song sheet and one of the songs was The Syncopated Clock. Can I tell you, I still have this song sheet from grade school, it was that special. I found it years later and when my children where younger I taught them the song. It's amazing how many of his songs are a part of our lives. I researched him and was so happy to find so many other melodies and all the wonderful music he had composed. My husband surprised me one day with one of his CD's and we haven't stopped listening to his music since. Such tremendous pretty music. Thank you for developing this website and creating such a wonderful tribute.


Rose M. Cayon-Spanov New Milford, New Jersey
November 29, 2008

This is the third comment I make at this site.'s Christmas time again and I work for a major retail store, and so I am treated to Christmas music in the background while at work. Probably at least three times a day I hear various versions, both vocal and instrumental, of Mr. Anderson's wonderful Sleigh Ride. It always seems to be a standout from the rest in it's wonderful, joyful originality and timeless quality. Another reminder of how grateful we all are that Mr. Anderson came along to give us his wonderful original music..! A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all....!!


Richard Gregg
Hayward, California
November 27, 2008

One of my mother's favorite songs was The Syncopated Clock. In fact, I think, when I was about 6 or 7, I did a ballet routine to it. When my father converted our family films to VHS, he put background music. The Syncopated Clock was one of the songs. One way or another, that song has followed me throughout my life. Thanks for the memories.

Betsi Tunnell
November 26, 2008

I grew up in the 1960s. Leroy Anderson's compositions were such standards that I took them for granted; they were as ubiquitous as "Happy Birthday", everyone knew them! Now that one does not hear this music (except Sleigh Ride of course) quite as often, each tune, once heard again whenever I DO hear it, hits me with more emotional response than when they were more commonplace: ooh, I've MISSED that!

He was really good at crafting elegant and very listenable and playfully-fun tunes, the music of everyday life. I have a lot of his material on my modern playlist and it's like putting my feet into comfy slippers and lighting a pipe and sitting by the hearth while the fire burns down. Easy ear food of the best possible sort. --

Allan Hunter
November 29, 2008

I was surprised to find out so much about Mr. Anderson. Too bad his music is not available at major retailers; it is wonderful. Now that I had a chance to browse the website, I am sure more educated about all his wonderful lite music.

John Wascavage
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
November 5, 2008

Hello and good afternoon from the Philippines! My first brush with Leroy Anderson's music was sometime in 1968 when as a seven year old, I used to watch a weekly Saturday afternoon children's birthday show program on local black and white TV called "Lollipop Party", hosted by a very young and fresh - looking media personality named Maan Hontiveros. The background theme for it was The Syncopated Clock and it really gave an apt, feel good, carefree atmosphere to the program. I didn't get to know it's composer until I started listening to a local radio station owned by the Far East Broadcasting Company dubbed as "The Master's Touch" in the late 80s, that featured musical classics. From there, I realized that a lot of the music that I grew up with, particularly those that were, at times, used as backgrounders in local TV shows in the late 60s and early 70s hereabouts, were the compositions of Mr. Leroy Anderson, and it was such a wonderful discovery!

Now that I came across this one-of-a-kind website by accident today, I thought that this is probably the appropriate time for me to honor the great man behind the music with this simple yet truly heartfelt written tribute. Thanks Mr. Anderson! The world would have been devoid of color and great memories without your music.

Eric J. Dedace
Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines
October 4, 2008

This is the second time I post a message here. First time was right after I discovered this wonderful website for one of my all time favorite composers. Just finished viewing the almost 4 hours of the DVD Once Upon a Sleigh Ride available right here....what a wonderful treat ! Four of the most lovely hours of watching television I have ever had ! A great trip down memory lane, and such a wonderful personal, intimate view of Mr. Anderson and his works...I highly recommend it to all his fans here. Now I feel like I know him so much better.

All my current cynicism just melted away as I realized there is beauty and talent in this world, and we should never lose hope...there is always a chance ! I congratulate the Anderson family for doing such a masterful job of putting it all together. What a wonderful tribute....thank you so much !

Best regards,

Richard Gregg
Hayward, California
September 17, 2008

I have always been in awe of Leroy Anderson's talent and especially his imagination. If asked to name a favorite contemporary composer, he would be at the top of the list!

Elaine Hodgkins
Savannah, Georgia
September 10, 2008

Dear Anderson Family,
We enjoyed the Leroy Anderson tribute by the Landmarks Orchestra in Boston last evening. It was such a joy to hear once again ten of Leroy Anderson's memorable miniatures. He had such a gift for melody and inventive ideas. Also, it was very appropriate to have Mrs. Anderson in attendance. We took special note of that because we have a Swedish-American clan in our family and their name is Anderson too!

Best wishes for this centennial year of Leroy Anderson's music,

Roger Lee Hall and Gail (Anderson) Hall
September 4, 2008

What a fantastic site to tell about a musician with the Midas touch! I only recently realized that the sound of the Boston Pops is, in reality, the sound of Leroy Anderson. Tears of joy and admiration made it difficult to read the complete biography without blotting my eyes.

Leroy Anderson is a hero in the grandest sense, still bringing joy to hundreds of millions of people through his legacy of music. Despite a reasonable dose of music appreciation during my grade school years, his name never came up even though he's one of America's most outstanding musicians - what a tragedy, probably continuing in our educational system today.

My sincere gratitude to his family for promoting his legacy and making available works never before recorded. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chuck Jones
Phoenix, Arizona
August 3, 2008

In the middle 1950s I had the pleasure of playing Leroy Anderson's music in secondary school bands. In 1962 I had the pleasure of being a classmate of Jane Anderson's in Annapolis. I have fond memories of both.

My best wishes,
Joel Shimberg
June 29, 2008

Hello Anderson Family and all Leroy Anderson fans,
I was in my car this afternoon driving to London (England) and I had my favourite radio station (Classic FM) on. The presenter David Mellor, had a two hour special programme on Leroy Anderson celebrating his 100th birthday today with snippets from his biography and of course his wonderful music. It was such a magical programme and I enjoyed it so much. Once I got back home, I read all about him in Wikipedia and of course his website. He was such an extremely talented man in every sense of the word .... musically and linguistics as well ... (9 languages....that is amazing !).

I shall be looking out for more of his music so that I may rejoice in his God given talents.
Very best wishes,
John Seyghal
Reading, Berkshire, England
June 29, 2008

Hello Anderson Family,
I have always been so inspired and deeply moved by the works of Leroy Anderson. Today on his 100th birthday I would like to send my warmest regards. I love the fact that today is his birthday and would have turned 100 ---- Today is also my birthday! I just about FLIPPED when I read that he was born on June 29. I thought, Wow! How cool is that! Have a great centenary celebration Andersons! His music does live on!
Thanks for all your musical compositions, Leroy.

Cindy Schlicht
Burnsville Minnesota
A jazz fan, a classical music fan,
a Sweet Adeline, a jazz drummer,
And someone with a 6/29 birthday!
June 29, 2008

Happy 100th birthday! And thank you for your wonderful music and the many hours of pleasure I received listening to it!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 29, 2008

I have loved his music all my life and remember listening in our kitchen as a child and dancing around to all the wonderful melodies. What a great tribute to his memory to hear of all the celebrations in his honor this year.

Judith Sagers
A former Massachusetts resident
June 28, 2008s

Dear Leroy Anderson's Family,
Tomorrow, all the day, I want to listen to Leroy Anderson's Music.v Thanks for your Music ! Thanks for your Life !
Happy Leroy Anderson Centennial ! ! !
Abel Bensi, Composer
June 28, 2008

It is like carrying Owls to Athens when I point out that the World of Light Classical Music will be celebrating tomorrow the 100th anniverary of the birthday of the late composer Leroy Anderson. The attentive listener in America, Sweden, Germany and elsewere will always appreciate his significant and rewarding musical pieces. I am convinced that not only Naxos (there were 3 relatively new CD releases of Orchestral Music played by the BBC Concert Orchestra and conducted by Leonard Slatkin in the "American Classics" series) but that several other recording companies have or will take up the opportunity to press new releases of reknowned American Wind - and other Orchestras from Los Angeles to Boston.

"There have been and will be
classical compositions
that come and fade away;

Leroy Anderson's Concert Music
mastered the test of time
and is bound to stay."

Wishing the Anderson Family all the best and continued success.
Hans W. L. Biester
Hamburg, Germany
June 28, 2008

Dear Anderson Family
Just a quick note to wish you an official "happy centennial" for this coming Sunday the 29th of June. I'll be performing a concert Sunday in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Fitzgerald Theatre and will be featuring many pieces by Leroy Anderson as a tribute.
As an aside, I thought you might be interested to know that Michael Barone, who is the host of the nationally-syndicated NPR radio show "Pipedreams" will be doing an entire program featuring Leroy Anderson.

Minnesota Public Radio - Pipedreams - Eddington
All the best,
Jelani Eddington
June 27, 2008

What a treat to hear excerpts of Leroy Anerson's music on the website as we remember him on his centennial! I'm looking forward to hearing the NPR radio tribute on "Pipedreams" on Sunday 6/29/08. Also I am in the process of looking for a book of Leroy Anderson music for trumpets as a special gift for my granddaughter who loves "Trumpeter's Lullaby," "Bugler's Holiday," and other favorites.

Don Prytherch
The Poconos, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2008

Dear Readers
Leroy Anderson's music has a firm following in the UK. I have included many of his short works such as Plink, Plank, Plunk! and Bugler's Holiday in our programming, much to the delight of players and audiences alike. With that legacy, who could complain ? Well I am, because of much of the msuic is not readily available in the UK so that non-professional musicians can perform it. In this centennial year, could not more be done to address that ?

Professor Chris Green
Aritstic Director
Trianon Music Group
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
June 23, 2008

Oh Joy....I have found Leroy Anderson's website...coincidentaly...have rediscovered the beauty of his music in my late 50's ! As a renegade teenager in the mid-1960's, I had all his Decca records and enjoyed playing them often. My sisters and friends wondered about my unusual tastes, but I didn't care, I loved listening to his music (and so did our older neighbors). Later transferred them to cassette, so I could listen to them while in the Navy aboard ship. Kind of put him away in my mind for years, put still fondly remembered the tunes. By luck, purchased the 2CD remix of 10 years ago, and I'm back in business, listening to his music, mostly in my car while commuting....sounds as good as ever...!! Might have more later....

Best regards,

Steve Gregg
Hayward, California
June 13, 2008

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Leroy Anderson's music. Like so many others who grew up in the 1950's I remember listening as a child to his hits on the radio. In my school band and orchestra we played Syncopated Clock, Fiddle Faddle, Belle of the Ball to name but a few. Now, as a retired school band director I look back with satisfaction at having introduced many students to this wonderful music and many years of having enjoyed it as a trombonist in both the Burlington Municipal Band and the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra.

I will be conducting our band's Leroy Anderson Tribute concert on June 22, 2008 and look forward to taking part in the centennial celebration of Leroy Anderson's life.

Jim Priebe
Burlington, Iowa
June 13, 2008

What a wonderful website this is and what a fitting tribute to a truly gifted composer and kind gentleman. Thank you for sponsoring it. I am of course familiar with Mr. Anderson's most famous works, such as "Sleigh Ride" and "The Syncopated Clock," and as an amateur pianist, "Blue Tango." I was recently feeling very low, but for some fortunate reason, Mr. Anderson's "Buglers' Holiday" came to my mind. Just thinking of it helped lift my spirits immensely. It was nice to hear the excerpt on your website. It is also so nice to see listed in a single place his many wonderful compositions. My own goal in life is to leave the world a better place than when I entered it, even if in some modest way. Leroy Anderson certainly did that, and then some. Thank you again for the wonderful website. Keep up your good work.

Kind regards,

James Tierney
Toledo, Ohio
May 28, 2008

Congratulations on being able to generate a fine celebration honoring Leroy! As an interesting coincidence, I am giving a presentation/lecture on light music on June 29th, and as an example of the most famous light music piece in the world, I am using Sleigh Ride. Would it be possible to obtain through your shop a couple of covers with the Commemorative Cancellation ? Delightful too that Naxos is issuing the complete LA works. I've got number three on order now.

Best regards,

Jesse F. Knight
June 11, 2008

As a child of 6 years old in 1962, I used to love listening to an album of Leroy Anderson songs that my father owned. The album included Syncopated Clock, Plink Plank Plunk, Blue Tango, Sleigh Ride, Belle of the Ball, Fiddle Faddle and more. I knew every piece by heart! I enjoyed the album so much that I brought it into my first grade class to play during "Show and Tell". I recall, the other kids didn't appreciate the music as much as I did (not suprisingly now). That album is long gone, but I recently heard Belle of the Ball played at a dance recital and was instantly transported back to 1962! I searched and found this website and want to thank you so much for providing the snippets of all these wonderful songs from my childhood! My father is 82 now and I'm going to purchase the Collection DVD so we can both enjoy it again.

Keith Elliott
Harrisville, Rhode Island
May 22, 2008

To whom it may concern, Not too long ago, while I was on a music sharing program on my computer, I discovered a beautiful song written by Leroy Anderson, called "Forgotten Dreams". I thought I knew most of Mr Anderson's compositions, being a trumpet player as a youth with the Regina City Police Boy's Band (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada). Our band played many of Mr. Anderson's melody's, such as " Syncopated Clock", "Sleigh Ride", "The Typewriter", "Bugler's Holiday", and " Trumpeter's Lullaby," in which I performed as solo trumpet many times. After the melody "Forgotten Dreams" running through my head for several days, I decided to look up Mr. Anderson's web site for more information about this song and of him. He was a truly gifted musician and composer and I have so much enjoyed listening and performing some of his works. His music will be enjoyed for future generations, always.

Yours Respectfully,

John Chisholm
Swift Current
Saskatchewan, Canadav
May 11th, 2008

A great big thank you to the Anderson family for allowing Leonard Slatkin and the BBC Concert Orchestra access to "Whistling Kettle." I cannot for the life of me understand why such an incredible vignette was withdrawn by the composer. Charming, delightful, yet at the same time poignant, this marvelous composition is less than two minutes long yet totally unforgettable. It's almost Vivaldi-esque in it's purity, but unmistakably Anderson. I urge everyone to listen to it on the newly released CD "Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Music, Vol. 2" on the Naxis label. I can only hope that some time in the near future it is allowed to be published.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
May 5, 2008

We played all his music in high school as music students and now we are teaching that wonderful Repertoire to our children. Long Live Leroy Anderson in our hearts.

Jessica Stanco
Class of 83 Watertown High
Watertown Connecticut
Now Broken Arrow Oklahoma May 4, 2008

Every public school band I was in played some variation of Sleigh Ride. It was the favorite of students and parents at many Christmas Concerts. But it wasn't until my own children began playing the piece that I learned more about Leroy Anderson. I was proud to learn he was an American composer, and surprised by all of the tunes I recognize on your website. Thank you.

April 26, 2008

I love the site. Just wanted to relate an experience I had the other day. I've been an Anderson fan for a long, long time. I was driving down the road and Nat King Cole came on the radio singing a song that sounded vaguely familiar. As I paid attention, I recognized the lovely Serenata. Never knew it had words. I was totally blown away by it. I've tracked it down and will be able to listen to it as soon as my CD arrives. As for your fabulous site, I'm ordering a couple of items from there, too. I was unaware there were words to a number of Mr. Anderson's pieces such as Blue Tango and Belle of the Ball. I've printed them off and will now sing along with them. Thanks for continuing to keep this site going. It's now a favorite.

Mary L. Oliver,
Norwich, New York
April 13, 2008

Growing up with the radio in the early 50s does make speak the facts for themselves. It was the times of the good music on the radio and the hits by Leroy Anderson were frequently played in Holland and they have been a guide for my further musical development, but I NEVER forgot about Leroy's delightful creations. Until the half 60s came up. The half 60s were to be the death-blow for the good light concert music and for the worldwide Scottish Dance Music as well.
Leroy Anderson is one of the very few, never having ended up in oblivion!

The Netherlands
April 9, 2008

When I was quite small (3 or 4 years old...this was 46 or 47 years ago) I remember my mother sitting and listening to Leroy Anderson music from a record of his music that she owned. She loved Leroy Anderson's music. Then when I was in the 7th grade, and when I played in the Junior High School band (saxophone) we played the Phantom Regiment in one of our concerts. Thirty seven years later I will be playing (April 6, 2008) in my community band's spring concert the same piece of music along with a lot of other of his other pieces in a concert dedicated to Leroy Anderson on his 100th birthday. I wish my mother was still alive because I think she would really enjoy hearing these songs again and I know that I would really enjoy playing them for her. When I do play them now I think back to when I was in the 7th grade and I think of my mother.

Thank you.
Jeff Elliott
Pleasanton, California
April 5, 2008

Congratulations on the centennial! I love Leroy Anderson's music very much. It transcends time and place. Nearly 10 years ago, I bought a CD by Utah Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maurice Abravanel. My most favorites among favorites are Bell of the Ball, Forgotten Dreams, Trumpeter's Lullaby and.... oh, so many more! I am certain his music will be around us in the years to come! Thank you, Mr Anderson!

Yasuko Yokoyama
Kure, Hiroshima, Japan
March 13, 2008

I intend to use one of the CD sets with a class I teach in Business Education for the purpose of establishing rhythm while keyboarding (typing). I have a copy of Mr. Anderson's "The Typewriter" which I have used with students, and I find the effect nothing short of astonishing. "Hardened" teens seem to brighten up, smile and enjoy their tasks. The entire tone of the class improved and that particular piece is now a part of our regular typing practice. I'm sure that these students would enjoy many more of Mr. Anderson's works.

Daniel Loewen
March 3, 2008

Thank you for this website! What a wonderful way to keep music lovers aware of the great contributions Mr. Anderson made to enriching our lives through his music which invariably lifts the spirits!

Gene Dunnam
March 2, 2008

I am a high school band director and I could not imagine a world without Leroy Anderson's works. Every year when I plan the concert band literature, Anderson is among the first composers I consider. In fact this year we have programmed two of his pieces, "Christmas Festival" and "The Irish Washerwoman." My thanks for this website and all of your efforts.

Tim Karth
Band Director
Streator High School
Streator, Illinois
February 29, 2008

In my music library the Leroy Anderson orchestra is one of my prize CD's. His "Trumpeter's Lullaby" has one of the sweetest trumpet solos that it has ever been my pleasure to listen to. I recall the first time I heard that Leroy Anderson classic. I was in radio broadcasting in Rocky Mount, North Carolina in 1954 and played it on the air using a 45 rpm DECCA record. When listening to Leroy Anderson's "Sandpaper Ballet", you cannot resist the urge to pat your foot. All of us are familiar with the phrase "as American as apple pie." I prefer "as American as Leroy Anderson's music." How tragic today's generation is in too big a hurry going nowhere to stop and enjoy the relaxing music of Leroy Anderson.

William A. Sellers, Jr.
Norfolk Southern Railway ( Ret. )
Gainesville, Georgia
February 25, 2008

Hello, I did not know a stitch about Leroy Anderson...., but as it turns out I knew more than I ever thought about his music. I went to the "That's So Retro" show at the Warner Theater in Erie Pennsylvania on February 16, 2008.
How nice to see a father so honored by his son. Kurt did a great job. The show was great. I have a new found respect for Leroy and his body of work.

Best regards,
Daniel J. DeCoursey
Network Administrator
Erie County Courthouse
February 20, 2008

Hello all Leroy Anderson fans!
During this year, 2008, there will be a lot of concerts and meetings to remember Leroy Anderson here in Kristianstad. I and my will of course take part in these events. We also have visited the small village outside Kristianstad, where his father once lived. I hope it will be possible to buy the videos of Leroy Anderson and his life we can see here on this web page at the events here in Kristianstad this year!

Best regards,
Bertil Olsson,
Kristianstad, Sweden
February 25, 2008

Dear Anderson Family,
I found two videos on the internet in which the wonderful and masterly Cameron Carpenter plays Leroy Anderson's "Forgotten Dreams" and "Bugler`s Holiday" on the organ. The music, and in particular, the interpretation, touched me very much. Next I bought the CD "Leroy Anderson - Orchestral Favourites - Richard Hayman and his Orchestra". I am really like these lovely compositions by Leroy Anderson! It is so wonderful that I can hear them every day now.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Irene Möller
Berlin, Germany

Just heard the Brevard Symphony Orchestra performance of the 100 years of Leroy Anderson. A very delightful concert. Mr Anderson is probably the most recognized composer in short American music.

Eric Smitt
February 2, 2008

We are going to a concert by the Brevard Symphony, in Feb 2008, dedicated to Leroy Anderson and his music. I am sure we will enjoy it very much. His music brings back a lot of memories.

Emilio J. Power
January 29, 2008

I received the DVD and CD I ordered yesterday. What a pair of disks. Fantastic. The DVD is so great I watched it twice. Very educational. I have been a lover of his music for years.

I had a CD in the early 90's and we had a friends son going into training to be an intelligence officer. So I made him a cassette tape of the CD to take to training. He loved the music very much.

Again thank you for the disks they are my treasures.


Bill and Marge
January 21, 2008

At long last the music of Leroy Anderson will be presented to the Swedish people during a huge presentation in Kristianstad this spring and summer. Many people haven't heard of him. Please keep us infomed of the events.

January 20, 2008

Many years ago I decided to go to USA in 2008 and listen to a Centennial Concert would there be any (I was not sure!). After having seen this home page in May, 2007, I decided to visit Birmingham, AL, on 11th January 2008 and hear the All-Anderson concert there.

And so I did. For an old fan (since 1956) of Leroy Anderson's music conductor Christopher Confessore, piano soloist Jeffrey Biegel and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra really made that concert a night to remember.

I hope many people during this year and in the future will have the possibility to listen to Leroy Anderson's music.

Erik Fagerström
Kungsor, Sweden
January 20, 2008

Wow - thank you for this wonderful website. I thought I didn't know Leroy Anderson's music - until I started clicking your excerpts and could hear them! What a wonderful body of work.

Thanks again for a website that keeps this music alive.

January 16, 2008

I would be slightly awed in his presence, but how I would have liked to sit with him and talk. Above all to thank him for his music, so intensely loved by so many.

Forrest E. Boyd
Clermont, Florida
January 4, 2008