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Thanks to those who have submitted entries to the Guestbook page. We appreciate hearing from people who enjoy Leroy Anderson's music.

The Anderson Family

He is my favorite composer of all times. I enjoy listening and playing his music in my local concert band.

Lola Brown
December 28, 2011

Thanks to you, Leroy Anderson & your family for your many contributions to the world of music. I've been a High school band director for the past 17 years and have always enjoyed performing "Sleigh Ride" and "Bugler's Holiday".

Michael T Pla
December 25, 2011

Growing up in Connecticut in the 50's, I well remember listening to Leroy Anderson's pieces being featured on the local radio station, WTIC in Hartford. As a young teen during long winter homesick-filled evenings while away at boarding school in Litchfield County (CT), his songs helped cheer the soul. Now today, this 4th of July, 2011, while listening to an NPR broadcast of a Leroy Anderson concert hosted by one of his sons, it is clear to me that Leroy Anderson was not only a great musician and composer, but he also represented what is best about America - pride and enjoyment in our combined dreams, cultures and inspirations as citizens of the USA. Thank you, Mr. Anderson!

Alan Yorker
Decatur, Georgia
July 4, 2011

All of Leroy Anderson's wonderful tunes "come from ether" as far as I am concerned. I knew them as a child in Switzerland. I still enjoy them today--as a grandmother.

Diane Clark
United States
July 4, 2011

One of the first LPs my father purchased from the RCA record club was of Leroy Anderson. I remember that when those records arrived how as children we loved to listen to his music and "direct" along with them. Today...over 50 years later I listened to a recording of Leroy Anderson directing the Air Force Band from 1972 and renewed that same enjoyment of the music I recall from my youth.

Larry A.
Elgin, Illinois
July 4, 2011

I discovered the music by a very good radio program called "funiculli funiculla" Wonderful music. Thanks !!

Wervik - Belgium
June 23, 2011

I grew up listening and loving Mr. Anderson's music. Now I have fallen in love with his Piano Concerto. I am so glad that it has come to light.

Philip A. Kerr
Baltimore, Maryland
April 27, 2011

My grandfather taught me to sing The Minstrel Boy. Every time I play Leroy Anderson's arrangement of this song - (Irish Suite 1947) - it sends shivers down my spine.

Paul Meara
April 26, 2011

Glad to see the guestbook up and running again, this is my fifth entry here. Every few months I need my "Leroy Anderson high" and fortunately it is very easy now that I have all his CD's on my IPOD ! Wonderful, wonderful music, and brings back so many memories of my youth too (I'm 62). I highly recommend the 2 CD set here of Mr Anderson's own interpretations of his music.....simply the best. His versions of Serenata, Fiddle Faddle, China Doll, Blue Tango, Trumpeter's Holiday & Lullaby (with the incomparable James Burke at the trumpet), Belle of the Ball, Song of the Bells, Summer Skies are the best of the best. Virtuoso composing that requires virtuoso playing....and he got what he wanted ! Still, I do plan to buy the other 3 CD's of the Naxos/American Classics to round out my collection. Interesting mainly because they contain previously unrecorded pieces like "Governor Bradford March" which is very good. Thank God for Leroy Anderson...he made this world a happier place !

Best regards,
Richard Gregg
Hayward, California
April 25, 2011

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to the excerpts on this website of Mr. Anderson's performances. I grew up in the 50's and 60's in the greater Boston area. My family listened to the radio a lot and I remember the wonderful songs like Belle of the Ball, Bugler's Holiday, Blue Tango. and of course, Sleigh Ride. I remember the announcers saying the song names and composer. I had not looked into the life of the composer of those songs until now. How I wished I had done so earlier when he was alive. I know now that I am a fan of his delightful music and listening to his music brings back happy memories of those growing up years. I learned of the PBS DVD and have just ordered one after visiting this website. Indeed, Mr. Anderson was a brilliant, creative composer whose music have brought so much joy to the world. Thank you for sharing his music and work.

Diane Yee
April 24, 2011

Somehow Christmas would not be Christmas without "Sleigh Ride". As a very young man I recall playing this on piano accompanying children at a large Christmas ballet performance in Manchester, UK. Now over 40 years later it still gives such joy. I also recall that "Forgotten Dreams" was my first real piece of music to be mastered as a child. What a master of melody Mr Anderson was.

Tony Gayle
Cheshire, England
April 18, 2011

I am in my late 50s, and my parents played the music of Leroy Anderson while I was a youngster. I have several CDs of his music, and I thank my late parents for exposing my musical taste buds to the likes of Mr. Anderson. To this day, whenever I play his music, it readily puts a happy, familiar, and fun pace into the everyday existence. Great stuff! Thanks so much.

Patrick J. Corbett, CPA
Murphy, Texas
March 8, 2011

While watching the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS this evening, the Welk orchestra played a medley of Leroy Anderson's works. It was wonderful to hear this wonderfully melodious music again, in particular -Serenata - which brought back the memory of accompanying this song for my high school choir over 40 years ago. Such great music... Thanks so much for this marvelous legacy!

Dr. M. Holmes
Bowie, Maryland
February 27, 2011

I remember my parents playing Leroy Anderson records on our new Hi-Fi turntable in the early to mid-60's. Hearing his music brings back great family memories and great music memories.


Marge B.
Mt. Pleasant, MI
February 12, 2011

I played Mr. Anderson's Trumpeter's Lullaby while in high school in 1958-1962, Clarksville, Iowa. After a career in engineering, what a blessing to be able to still perform this wonderful song on my trumpet, now that I am retired. Mr. Anderson left a legacy few can match, and I thank him so much for writing these beautiful songs. Best wishes for the New Year 2011!

With kind regards,

Dean W. Schilling
New Braunfels, Texas
January 16, 2011

I heard Mr. Anderson's Sleigh Ride at the Vermont Symphony Orchestra's annual December holiday pops concert in Burlington, Vermont. I am so glad the VSO and the chorus performed the vocal version. Everyone loves the music and the lyrics add so much. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Sleigh Ride. Thank you for this wonderful website. Happy New Year !

Charles MacAllister
January 1, 2011