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Thanks to those who have submitted entries to the Guestbook page. We appreciate hearing from people who enjoy Leroy Anderson's music.

The Anderson Family

I'm just a fan of Leroy Anderson's music -- and I'm thrilled to find this website! I plan to order a couple of CDs; thanks for making his music available.

Jim Pierce
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 31, 2007

My wife and I watched the story twice. We loved his music as does everyone and went off to bed happier, uplifted and marveling at his talent for yet another time.

Lynn Porter
December 30, 2007

Globally speaking, I believe that Leroy Anderson is one of the most under-rated of American composers. His light orchestral pieces are a delight, composed and played with humour and jollity. Some are unusual such as "The Typewriter" and "The Syncopated Clock" and the hauntingly beautiful "Trumpeter's Lullaby" is the sort of tune that can't get of one's mind once it has been heard.

Anderson's Concerto in C is like most of his work - that is under rated. It is a first class concerto and deserves its place in the annals of American Classical Music.

Michael J Duffy
Melbourne, Australia
December 29, 2007

I am a music director from Lichfield, England, and have just performed Sleigh Ride and Christmas Festival at the Nether Stowe High School Christmas Concert on December 19th.

It is impossible to overestimate the pleasure that these wonderful pieces have given to so many people over the years.

Thanks to Leroy and his legacy of joy.

David Thomas
December 22, 2007

I have always enjoyed playing and conducting the splendid music written by Leroy Anderson.

Martin Wills
Musical Director
Taunton Concert Band
December 22, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Growing up with my big brother, Bill Wiley who is a percussionist, gave me an appreciation for all of Leroy Anderson's music. I thank you for that. This time of the year I especially appreciate his music, as I work in an elementary school with a wonderful music teacher who has turned the children on to Sleighride, and instilled a love for the magic.

Thank you!

Lynn Fleming
Harwood, Maryland
December 16, 2007

Dear Mrs. Anderson and the lovely Anderson family,

With the centennial of Leroy Anderson upon us in 2008, it is with the deepest joy and honor that I send my warmest wishes to all of you in celebration of Mr. Anderson's centennial and the endearing music he gave to the world. The first cd of the five-cd set which Naxos has recorded is soon to be released, and I am sure the world and the many fans of Mr. Anderson's music will find it most enjoyable, as well as educational. There are works less known amongst the set of the popular 'hits', including the delightful Piano Concerto in C. Each is a gem! It has been an amazing experience to bring the piano concerto to many places, and a most rewarding experience to have recorded it with Maestro Leonard Slatkin and the BBC Concert Orchestra for the first cd of the set.

On behalf of my family, we wish you all Godspeed and know the world will be a brighter place in 2008 celebrating the music of Leroy Anderson!

Yours sincerely,

Jeffrey Biegel
December 14, 2007

Greetings from the Indiana Wind Symphony. We will play Leroy Anderson works on each of our concerts throughout 2008, and we will begin our celebration with a December 15 Christmas concert that includes Sleigh Ride and A Christmas Festival. We are looking forward to playing many old Leroy Anderson favorites again and to learning several new ones, as well. Best holiday wishes,

Charles Conrad
Music Director, Indiana Wind Symphony
Indiana Wind Symphony
December 12, 2007

I've known the music of Leroy Anderson for several years. When I attend the annual "Hamburg Proms Last Night" , in Hamburg there are regularely one or two peaces played by the conductor Robert Stehli who appears to be an ardent admirer of Andersons music. This caused me to purchase several CS's in the past such as his songs played by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin or by Richard Hayman and his Orchester. Anderson's music is one of the finest I have heard in my life. Pieces like "Serenata", "Forgotten Dreams " to name only a few and especially in the wintery x-mas time "Sleigh Ride" make me sentimental and memories of my youth come into focus when as a young man I heard it played by Ray Conniff an his orchetra and chores. I am ever so grateful to the late Mr. Anderson and have also recommended his music to friends. Although the demand for American Music is very low here, I hope and I am equally convinced that this might change in the long run.

Having traced your homepage and was delighted to have found the lyrics of his songs. Thank you very much for it.

All the best for the future,

kind regards,

Hans W. L. Biester, aged 64
Hamburg, Germany
December 8, 2007

I've heard his compositions all of my life but never knew who wrote them. Obviously, the guy was a genius.

December 7, 2007

I am an elementary music teacher and must tell you how much my children, from the first through the fifth grades, love your music. We talked about how Leroy Anderson used instruments to represent other 'objects' and objects to represent instruments and I wrote samples on the board. As they listened to samples of his music, they quickly identified which written sounds matched. We used hand signs to identify the 'jingle bells', 'horse's feet', and the 'whip' as we listened to "Sleigh Ride" and then followed up with a listening map. The kids loved it and I've been hearing all week where they've heard the song again.

I shared your website with them as I reminded them that one of the wonderful things about being a musician/artist is that your 'art' lives on long after you're gone. I loved the music of Leroy Anderson and have been delighted, as an adult, to learn more about him and have the opportunity to share it with another generation.

Sharon Gilbert
Auburn, WA
December 7, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Mr. Anderson's music was also performed on other TV shows. Aside from his "Syncopated Clock" being used as the theme song for WCBS TV Ch.2 NYC's "Late Show" and "Plink,Plank,Plunk" For the Mark Goodson/Bill Todman/Alan Sherman TV game show "I've Got A Secret?".

His tunes "The Typewriter Song" and "The Sandpaper's Ballet" were performed on kids TV shows like "Captain Kangaroo", "The Tommy Seven Show" and "The Bob McAllister Show!". ("The Tommy Seven Show" was seen weekday evenings and weekday mornings on WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC and hosted by entertainer: Ed Bakey from Monday September 12, 1960 to May ,1963 and "The Bob McAllister Show" was seen Weekday afternoons on WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC from September,1968 to 1969)

"The Sandpaper's Ballet" was also used as the theme music for The WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC version of "The Beachcomber Bill Show". ("Beachcomber Bill "was played by Bill Biery and seen Weekday afternoons from Monday September 7, 1964 to Friday March 17,1967)

I hope that you might use this info for the 100th Birthday Tributes to Mr. Leroy Anderson Next year?

Good Luck with your projects and I want to wish you and the Users of your Website a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holidays!

Yours Truly,
Kevin S. Butler
December 6, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Mr. Todd Fisher will be the Guest Conductor for "Sleigh Ride" during the annual Holiday Pops concert presented by the Akron Symphony tomorrow evening, December 7, 2007. Todd is realizing his dream of conducting a Symphony Orchestra while at the same time supporting our local Symphony.

I want to express our appreciation for Mr. Anderson's music - it is giving joy to many people in so many ways.

Most Sincerely,

Ingrid and Joseph Palmiero
Akron, Ohio
December 6, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Mr. Anderson's music was always the soundtrack to some of the happiest and most memorable moments of my life. I've passed this down to my daughter, as well. Hopefully, she will keep the tradition going.

Richard Santoro
December 4, 2007

I watched the special on PBS last night and was thrilled to see how Mr. Anderson composed. I never knew who wrote the song I hum every year at Christmas time. It sounds like Mr. Anderson was a very special man and I will enjoy his music forever and my 10 year old daughter is following in my footsteps at humming Sleigh Ride and we love it. Thank you for making the show and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Teri Fish
Normal, Illinois
December 2 2007

Dear Family Anderson,

More than 40 years ago my late brother bought his first record player (a "Perpetuum Ebner", German make, now disappeared) and one of his first records was a Leroy Anderson one. At the time Mr. Anderson's music was frequently played on the national radio. Unfortunately at present pop and rock took over. However, we still enjoy the music of Leroy Anderson and thanks to your website it's made easy for us to do so.

Many thanks,

Arnold Fiers
Hoboken (Antwerp), Belgium
November 29, 2007

Dear Anderson Family

It's a pity that the lovely music of Leroy Anderson is so little known in The Netherlands by a great audience. It is not heard on the radio or so.

As a child my father's favourite was "The Typewriter", and I "borrowed" his typewriter, to try to type simultaneously with the record. I have demolished his typewriter with great pleasure. Now I am sixty years old, and still I don't succeed.

Thanks for this lovely site, so I can hear the music.

Anne Poelsma
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
November 29, 2007

I very much enjoyed the website. Thank You. I direct the First Town Band in America, The Temple Band, and Leroy Anderson is one of our favorite composers. We will enjoy playing his music in his centenial year this comming summer.

Gordon Estabrook
Music Director
Temple Band
November 10, 2007

I fell in love with Leroy Anderson's music when just a boy in Des Moines. I watched Captain Kangaroo faithfully and the good Captain (Bob Keeshan) was diligent in presenting Mr. Anderson's music as a big part of that show. The producers of Captain Kangaroo knew a good thing when they heard it and some of the showcases for the Maestro's music was background for puppet venues, the major presentations of the show.

I remember specifically one such vignette of a shadow-type story board in motion of Sleigh Ride. It was great.

His music is so uplifting and makes you smile and feel good all over. I wonder if he ever knew what joy he brought to the world with his immense talent.

Thank you Mr. Anderson

Ed Snapp
Age 61
Houston, Texas
November 5, 2007

This morning, on CBC Radio Two, Tom Allen presented a fine discussion, accompanied by musical clips, on the life and work of Leroy Anderson. The man was a genius, not only in music, but also language skills. He rendered wonderful service to the allies during World War II. What a man!

Richard Clark
Blaine, Washington
October 18, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

I am a member of the Seven Oaks and Tonbridge Training Band (a concert band) in the UK and I'd just like to say how much we are currently enjoying two of Leroy's pieces chosen for performance by our conductor. They are Sandpaper Ballet (and our percussionist is using the three grades of paper - we tried an electric sander but it doesn't have the same effect lol) and Syncopated Clock.

I have also been playing Sleigh Ride for a number of years in my solo performances at Christmas, for charity events and street festivals and it's just such a wonderful tune to play.


Dirk Wickenden
October 6, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

I just want you to know that Leroy Anderson music is alive and well here in central Arizona. This fall, our local Cottonwood Community Band will be performing an all Leroy Anderson Concert this fall including Promenade, The Girl I Left Behind Me, The Rakes of Mallow, Clarinet Candy, Fiddle-Faddle, Belle Of The Ball, Serenata, Blue Tango, and The Irish Washerwoman.

As a retired band director of 33 years, we naturally played the Christmas standards, and featured our trumpets every few years during spring concerts, and I've always wanted to perform an all Anderson concert. Fortunately, we have the talent this year and we're all looking forward to honoring his talent.

Thought you'd like to know.


Ed Jones
Lake Montezuma, Arizona
September 17, 2007

G'day Andersons...Mr. Leroy Anderson is God-given talent. 'Sleigh Ride' has always been a classic to me, anytime.

September 17, 2007

Dear Anderson Family:

I have just gotten re acquainted with the marvelous music of Leroy Anderson. It reminds me of a time when music and entertainment was wholesome, fun, and a refuge from the trials of everday life. Mr. Anderson's music was never demeaning to anyone. It never attacked women. It never advocated violence, cheap sex, or greed. It was sweet, joyful, deliciously happy. It makes one think of the best in people and the best in America. It makes me wish Mr. Anderson wrote more music!!

May this coming centennial celebration be joyful for your entire family as we all hearken back to a piece of Americana.

Rev. Michael Lee
Indianapolis, Indiana
September 15, 2007

My 4-year old son has early music education at school and is listening this week to THE TYPEWRITER. As we were driving to school he asked to please put his "Baul Magico" CD (that's the name of the early music ed program). I immediately fell in love with the music! I could look at him seating on his car seat and enjoying it too!

It was funny though when he asked what a typewriter was--I had to explain to him and I still need to show him one.

Thanks for promoting Leroy Anderson's music. I had never heard of such a great composer. I immediately loved his music!

Maria M. Mossi
September 12, 2007

To the Anderson Family,

Leroy Anderson's music has meant so much to me as I grew up. I've played "Sleigh Ride," " A Christmas Festival," "Blue Tango," "The Syncopated Clock," "Bugler' Holiday," and others. Such delightful music! Fun to play and fun to listen to! Audiences always love to hear it. As director of a military band, we plan to play his music this year and in the years to come.

CW3 James Goodwin
Des Moines, Iowa
August 23, 2007


I just received a copy of the LEROY ANDERSON BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY, as well as the CD recordings of 'GOLDILOCKS: The Original SoundTrack', the comprehensive 2-CD set of Anderson's compositions/recordings, and the CD 'American Piano Classics' which features to world-premier recording of Leroy Anderson's Piano Concerto in C. Special thanks to Woodbury Music Co. and the Anderson family for filling my order request so promptly. I spent all last weekend reading and listening to the CD's, until my wife (who is also loves Leroy Anderson's music) said she would confiscate my "toys" if I did not put down the book, turn off the CD player, and perform some household chores!

I was born in the early 1950's when Leroy Anderson was perhaps at the height of his creativity, particularly the flurry of orchestral miniatures which flowed from his pen from the mid-forties through mid-nineteen-fifties. I grew up literally surrounded by Leroy Anderson's music---radio, television, records and background music in restaurants, stores, and so forth. Anderson's delightful tunes were ubiquitous. Yet at the time I knew neither the composer nor the names of the compositions. I simply knew I LOVED this music and would do anything to get the opportunity to hear it! It was music which had an indefinable quality to fill the soul and spirit with pure joy.

I began studying piano around the age of ten and my piano teacher introduced me to Leroy Anderson's piano solo arrangements. I was so gratified that at last I could associate names with both composer and the tunes! For my 12th birthday, my folks gave me a 33rpm LP of Leroy Anderson's best-known works, and I believe I played it till the grooves wore out on the record and the phonograph needle had to be replaced!

For years I wondered why there was almost no biographical data to be found about Leroy Anderson in any of the standard reference works (e.g., Grove's Dictionary, Baker's Biographical Dictionary, etc.). If ANYTHING could be located it was little more than a sentence or two. This was at a time when a wealth of information was available on just about every other 20th century composer of any significant critical reputation. Now I realise much of the explanation is that Anderson was an intensely private, family man who shunned the limelight and coveted his time out of public scrutiny. As Anderson aptly remarked (and is quoted in the Bio-Bibliography, but paraphrased here), composing is a solitary activity which requires much time to oneself. Interesting, the composer Richard Rodgers, whose work Leroy Anderson greatly admired (and I hope the feeling was mutual), disdained celebrity status as well. Success forced it on him, yet he much preferred quiet time alone with his wife, family, and perhaps a few close friends.

Along with so many other lovers of his music, I am appreciative that Leroy Anderson is FINALLY getting the recognition he deserves after so many years of neglect. A special "Thank You" is due the Anderson family for the motivation and momentum behind the effort. Leroy Anderson's contributions to American music truly rank with George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Jerome Kern, Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, the great jazz artist/composers, and the great names from the Big Band Era. Furthermore, again citing Anderson's comments, his music has genuinely "emerged", is more popular than ever, and has survived when SO MUCH of the music of other 19th and 20th century American composers has been long forgotten and is effectually buried!

Oftentimes "Classical Music" is defined as anything written solely for orchestra. Yet the true definition of "Classic" is something (generally a work of art) which has stood the test of time. Leroy Anderson's music has met the medal of that measure in every respect and is an American Classic.

Perhaps nothing would be more fitting in honor of Leroy Anderson's 100th birthday than a postage stamp honorarium, and a renewed interest in the music if you haven't listened in a while!

Michael David Wascom
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 6, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

I have very fond memories of listening to Leroy Anderson's fabulous music with my father as a small child - particularly Syncopated Clock and The Typewriter. I have played these pieces to my children who love them as well and through Mr Anderson a love of creative orchestral music continues to be fostered.

Thank you so much for the fantastic website allowing me to hear even more of Leroy Anderson's music.

Deirdre Hull
New Zealand
August 1, 2007

G'day Anderson Family

At age 75 I have recently become a web surfer. I my youth I had a 78 record with Sleigh Ride on one side and Syncopated Clock on the other. I am afraid that I wore it out by repeated playings. I am delighted to find this web-site and even more delighted to find his music available on CD. Regards from sunny North Queensland Australia

Frank Pyne
North Queensland
July 26, 2007

I was six years old, when I first heard Leroy Anderson's music. Even at that age, I was captivated by the orchestral sounds. This was 1950, and I got my parents to buy the 78 rpm version of BLUE TANGO. Needless to say, I was swept away by the other side, BELLE OF THE BALL. WBZ radio in Boston in those days frequently used HORSE AND BUGGY, and also PENNY WHISTLE SONG, as either transitional music or themes. For a long time I didnt know the titles, but when I did it was off to the record shop to find them. Years later when I became a big band leader for a time, I programmed BLUE TANGO as much as I could. If all of Mr. Anderson's compositions, had been available in that instrumentation, I would have used them all. It's a pity SERENATA was not made available in that format, but we had no arranging staff! I guess you could say that Mr. Anderson was responsible for my love, then and now for creative orchestral light music. My deep gratitude to Leroy Anderson, and his family for this alone.

Peter Nash
July 13, 2007

Dear Anderson Family and friends:

Since my childhood, Leroy Anderson's music has lit my life and led the way on my life's journey! He has given so much happiness to me as images of his love of life in so many areas come to mind. I can sense his joy at the racetrack, the circus, vaudeville, his love of the dance, and the quiet moments where he contemplated his love of his family and life in general. I only wish that young people today had someone like him to keep them centered and thankful for all we have been given.

One particular piece always stirs me ' The Golden Years. When I was about 40 my parents were 65 and retiring. Their constant love of each other and us kids and their gentle spirits are perfectly reflected in this music! Now that I am 66, I wonder where the time has gone, but still love to hear that lovely tune.

I do hope that with the centennial of Mr. Anderson's birth approaching, a stamp will be issued honoring him, and that his music will be appreciated once again by a wide following through a PBS special or the like.

With love to all the Anderson clan. You have so much to be proud of!

Ruth Routledge
Newmarket, Ontario
July 12, 2007

Sehr geehrte Familie Anderson!

Leider ist mein Schul-Englisch nicht sehr gut. Deshalb ein paar Sätze in deutscher Sprache.

Wir hatten in Deutschland einen leider sehr wenig beachteten Bandleader und Arrangeur Bert Kaempfert. Er wußte Stücke unglaublich neu und aufregend zu arrangieren mit immer neuen Ideen. Ich habe ihn stets bewundert.

Aber Leroy Anderson hat selbst komponiert und arrangiert mit einem unglaublich Ideenreichtum, dass man es kaum begreifen kann. Bei einigen Musikstücken kann man ob seiner witzigen musikalischen Ideen wegen laut loslachen, traut sich aber nicht, weil man sonst wieder den nächsten musikalisch Gag verpassen könnte. Es gibt aus Leroy Anderson keinen Komponisten, dessen Musik man immer wieder gerne hört und über dessen Musik man immer wieder lachen kann. Das ist einmalig.

Richard Patten
July 5, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Many thanks to Leroy Anderson for the wonderful music he created. Thank you for the website.

June 29, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

I have enjoyed Leroy Anderson's music for many years now. I'm now 42, but as a boy growing up near Huntsville, Alabama I listened to a Moody Bible Institute program on a Saturday morning radio show called "Adventures in Music". One of the features on that program from time to time was a demonstration of the trumpet in which "Bugler's Holiday" was used. It's my favorite of all Mr. Anderson's works, by the way.

I remember that particular recording and heard it many times on the Moody network over the years. I have tried to locate it for several years now because of the smoothness of the trumpets on that particular recording. I've heard dozens of recordings of "Bugler's Holiday" but can't find this particular one. Another work that was on the same album, for it was used on Moody shows as well, was "Trumpeter's Lullaby", only it was played with French horns. If someone could tell me which album has a recording of "Trumpeter's Lullaby" played with French horns, then I find the mysterious "Bugler's Holiday" recording I've tried so many years to find. If you can help in any way, I sure would appreciate it.

With warm regards,

Vern Crouch
Somerville, Alabama
June 13, 2007

Here , in faraway South Africa , Leroy Anderson's wonderful music is just as loved as elsewhere . There used to be a nation - wide radio station in this country called "Springbok Radio": it began broadcasting in 1950 and closed down , sadly, about 1980 , and I recall hearing Leroy's delightful tunes on an almost daily basis.So I grew up with his music , which instantly brought a smile and a feeling of joy to everyone within earshot of the radio.Keep up the good work!

Charles Press
South Africa
May 27, 2007

Dear Leroy Anderson Family,

I finally see a picture of Leroy Anderson and a list of all his wonderful musical accomplishments. I am 72 now, but played many arrangements of his music for 14 years in my High School band and in the Oyster Bay Community band, 1946 to 1960. I looked forward to hearing his "Christmas Festival" and "Sleigh Ride" every Christmas, as they were as much a part of Christmas as der Bingel's "White Christmas" was. And as a musician, it was an absolute joy to play all of his music. I am sure you are as proud of Leroy Anderson as I was through his music.

Matt Sprague
Fort Worth, Texas
May 24, 2007

I think Leroy's music has given my more pleasure than any other composer my other favourite is Gershwin they are on a par. Belle of the Ball being my overall favourite because it creates such wonderful pictures in the mind.

Bob Wheatley
May 18, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Many thanks to you and Leroy for the wonderful music he created. When I hear Sleigh Ride and the Typewriter I well up with tears because my father Roger L. Olsen loved and listened to his music so much. I have Mr. Anderson's autograph, from a program he did with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra April 18, 1970.

I'm so glad for this opportunity to say THANK YOU.

Caroline Olsen
April 23, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Thank you for the wonderful memories! Modifying an oft-repeated phrase, Leroy Anderson's music was the "soundtrack of my childhood", both on my parents' radio and in school. (Thank you, music teacher Don Anderson of Brentwood, MO.) Although I've been a Leroy Anderson fan all my life, listening to the site's samples I've heard familiar melodies (Forgotten Dreams and China Doll, for example) that I never realized came from his pen.

I'm delighted that I discovered this site as Anderson's centennial approaches. Hopefully during this time there'll be even more Anderson heard on the satellite radio services and on wonderful streaming stations like KAAM in Dallas .

David P. Serra
Bossier City, Louisiana
April 15, 2007

Thank you for this wonderful website. The world will always be grateful to Leroy Anderson for his music.

Ken Etheredge
Thousand Oaks, California
April 6, 2007

As a 12 year old kid, I remember hearing "Blue Tango" for the first time on a juke box at my parent's restaurant and bar. That is what I wanted for one of my Christmas presents and waited anxiously for that day to arrive. Upon receiving the record, I immediately ran into my room and put on the 78RPM disk and played it over and over again. I was rewarded again with a pleasant surprise when my ears were treated to hearing "Belle of the Ball" on the flip side of the record. To this day, both of these Leroy Anderson pieces remain my favorites. I think I own about every piece of music that Leroy Anderson composed. In November of 1958, I was treated to Mr. Anderson's Broadway show, Goldilocks. The music from that show has stayed with me to this day. When I'm in a melancholy mood and need a lift, I often play the cast recording of that show and close my eyes to see Elaine Stritch and Don Ameche cavorting on that stage singing those marvelous and melodious songs.

Henri Wolfe
President, Henri Wolfe Productions
Cross River, New York
March 27, 2007

Dear Anderson Family,

Since my childhood in the early sixty's I listened, stretched to the floor, to Dutch radio and was breathless at the start of one certain radio program of which the title escaped my mind.The music that was used as intro was "The Irish washerwoman", the joy that spoke out of that music made me happy and made me return to the radio every week. Many years after that, I met a music teacher named "Wies Harsefoort", I spent a few years with him in a foundation for preserving Barrel organs named "Stichting Draaiorgelvrienden Assen". As chairman of that foundation he once tried to arrange "The Typewriter" to the music for a Dutch Barrel organ, if he succeeded I never found out, but what an impact would have made that humoresque music on such a pure Dutch instrument as a Barrel organ. Nevertheless, the music of Leroy Anderson still makes me look back smiling, with good memories and youth sentiment.

Leroy Anderson makes something happen with his music that lasts forever.

Henk Wuis,
The Netherlands
March 5, 2007

I could listen to Leroy Anderson's "Trumpeter's Lullaby" all day long. That is the most beautiful trumpet playing it has been my pleasure to listen to. You can believe I have the Leroy Anderson CD in my library. What ever happened to decent music like that?

William A. Sellers, Jr.
Gainesville, Georgia
March 3, 2007

Tonight we watched and very much enjoyed the Leroy Anderson DVD! I have known Leroy Anderson's popular music since my childhood in the 1950s, but I never knew much about the man. This DVD gives a fascinating look, and I am glad you included the bonus TV programs from the 1960s which add a lot. Congratulations on a superb product. I hope lots of people take time to enjoy it.

John Howard
Santa Rosa, California
March 3 2007

Whenever I hear Forgotten Dreams it reminds me of my late uncle Geoffrey, who played it beautifully on his piano at his home in Totnes, Devon. I have his original sheet music, but wish I could perform it as well as he did.

Geoff Hurrellbr
Filby, Norfolk
February 22, 2007

Dear Family:

I just want to tell you your website IS AMAZING. So wonderful to hear bits of wonderful music. My parents, who are both dead now, loved Jazz Pizzicato, when they were dating.

I tried to find this site on the internet but had no idea how to spell the title. Jazz was a given but I had trouble with the second word. I wish I could have found it when they were alive-- Dad especially would have been thrilled. But I think I'll go to the cemetery some lovely spring day and play the recording for them. Thank you so much---you'll never know how much it means to please them.

Kathy Webster
Sarnia, Ontario
February 7 2007

Some days ago i have heard for the first time 'Blue Tango' ..... it is magic ! Wonderful music, good for all the season , very good for all the time... Thank you Leroy ...

Livio Devescovi
January 29, 2007

When I was young, in the 1950s, we lived in Westport, Connecticut. My parents listened to WOR radio from New York, where John Gambling would often play various Anderson pieces on his morning radio program, so that's how I was exposed to the music. Later, my parents bought me a Decca LP, which I think I still have someplace (it may still be at their house, now in New Jersey).

Just moments ago, when I heard a trace of pizzicato music on TV somewhere, I dashed into my home office and typed "Fiddle Faddle" into the iTunes Music Store because that was what came to mind as the possible title of what it reminded me of. I had forgotten who wrote it! All I remembered were those two words. When it came up, I thought "Oh, yes." Leroy Anderson, of course! Hearing the music, I could easily remember bits of my life back in the 1950s and 1960s when I played that LP many times.

Thanks for making this web site and the tribute to Leroy it represents.

Glenn Koenig
Arlington, Massachusetts
January 14, 2007

Some years ago, 2001, I tripped over this wonderful website dedicated to one of my very favorite composers, Leroy Anderson. I noted at that time in the Newsletter section a request for help in having a postal stamp issued in his honor. Feeling it would be a good way to express my support for this great American composer, (and just a great American as well), I wrote to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee requesting this. I received a response from them saying that it takes some time for this and that they were currently working on 2005.

Well, a lot of time has come and gone since then, and there is still no stamp for him. I have seen a list of those who have been so honored, and most all are very deserving. But I feel no more than Mr. Anderson. Like many on the list, he is a true American composer, one who was extremely popular in one era, but whose music has lived on. As one person commented here, "After all, who doesn't know 'Sleigh Ride'?". And anyone who has seen the PBS presentation "Once Upon a Sleigh Ride" or who has read a little of his biography knows that in addition to being a great artist, Mr. Anderson served his country with distinction during World War II, and actually returned to service while a well- known composer. What more could one ask of a person to commemorate his life and art in a stamp? Today it would be hard to find such a role model.

I intend to write again to the Committee, and this time also to my senators and congressman. I hope that anyone else who "peeks in" on this website now and then, as I do, and feels that Mr. Anderson should be so honored, will also write and request a stamp to commemorate his life and works.

Rose Curran
Sarasota, Florida
January 14, 2007

I just purchased Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" CD. What a joy it is listening to it. During Christmas whenever I would hear Sleigh Ride on the radio I would get goose bumps, as I still do. The whole CD is wonderful. What an incredible, gifted, intelligent human being. It's nice to know that we have the same birthday, June 29th. My hats off to you Mr. Anderson!

Lafayette, Colorado
January 12, 2007