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Thanks to those who have submitted entries to the Guestbook page. We appreciate hearing from people who enjoy Leroy Anderson's music.

The Anderson Family

This is a message on behalf of the Crane family who used to be next door neighbors to the Andersons in Woodbury. To all of the Andersons who may check in to this website, I bring greetings and best wishes for the Holiday season. Though it has been many years since I lived in Woodbury, each Christmas season I play all of the music that I have of Leroy for family and friends to hear. My work now takes me around the world but the one set of music that always accompanies me and that never fails to bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart, no matter the season or location, is the collected Anderson music. When I do get back to Woodbury to visit my family's final resting place, I always tip my hat to Leroy and Eleanor's marker, which is just "down the road" from my father and mother. Thanks for keeping this site going, and thanks to a man with a musical genius that has touched so many people in such profound ways.

Steve Crane
December 24, 2012

Here it is Christmas, and again as for so many years all the world is enjoying Leroy Anderson's estimable contribution to music of the Christmas season. Today, with the internet, you can go to Youtube and find that in a Christmas concert in Germany of a few years ago, "Sleighride" is the opening number, and the happy and amused faces on the musicians tell how much they enjoy playing such a wonderfully picturesque piece of music.

And few people mention, but hear often, the glorious "A Christmas Festival", to me the most perfect collection of Christmas carols ever put together to make a whole. It expresses the range of feelings one has for the season of joy and anticipation to the serene. What a great arrangement. I never listen to it without being moved. And only Leroy Anderson could make "Jingle Bells" sound absoutely symphonic!

Rose Curran
December 17, 2012


As a 80 year old retired performer and music teacher, I still give piano concerts for benefits around the country and world [when visiting countries by cruise ship...the only way to afford to do so] and almost always include parts of Leroy's Piano Concerto so people hear this wonderful music.

Yes, he has been neglected and yes I know he wanted to rewrite and fine-tune this work, but it's great the way it is. People are amazed at this work and know from the harmony that it is Sleigh Ride is HIS.....and it s "there " somehow in this work.

Thank you for allowing people like me to write this great family. What a wonderful idea. We long so much for beautiful music in today's world and I play classical works, 20th century, Gershwin, Porter, Berlin and jazz & make those connections and talk about composers & their families [will say I wrote this family!!!] and their music....people LOVE to make that connection, not just listen to music. Since most of my programs relate to film music, either by film composers, or music used in films by composers, I make a special entry regarding Leroy's music.....a concerto needing a film........someone in Hollywood or elsewhere should be using this music for a film story!!!

I've been lucky to be able to continue doing these concerts, because as a 3 time cancer victim, I know how short life is and how to bring happiness, joy and love to people through this music. Most of my little concerts are pro bono for peace groups and organizations that help the needy people of our country.

May the Anderson family be blessed with only good things in all ways. Peace,

Rosemary Schroeder
St. Charles, Illinois
July 6, 2012

It is September and that means I can start whistling "Sleigh Ride" again! In an effort to save my marriage I have limited this activity to the months of September through June of the following year. Happy September everyone!

Ken Thompson
Derry, NH
September 21, 2012

I have enjoyed listening to Mr. Anderson's music all my life. It always brings a smile to my face.

Robin Berson
Oceanside, CA
July 3, 2012

Yale University is wishing Leroy Anderson a happy birthday today.

All best wishes,

Suzanne Eggleston Lovejoy
Irving S. Gilmore Music Library
Yale University Library
June 29, 2012

I have been a fan of Leroy Anderson's music for a long time. I recently received a clip of a foreign orchestra performing his "The Typewriter"...Of course the new generation had never heard it dug through and found Jerry Lewis' rendition in one of his old films or television shows.I just found a gem on youtube of a Russian orchestra doing "Fiddle Faddle"...and it came pretty close to the Boston Pops' rendition....but only close......I believe there is a renaissance of Mr. Anderson's music going on...and am glad of it...

Dorothy Mason
June 29, 2012

I remember playing Blue Tango on a 45rpm record (my older brothers)in the early 1950's. I was very much suprised to hear that Leroy Anderson wrote it and recored it. The one I had was performed by Hugo Winterhalter,I always thought that he made the song!!! I enjoyed his other songs as a young boy and still think back about when I use to hear them. As Bob Hope use to say " THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES)"

John Bolek
June 19, 2012

Enjoyed your website and reliving my youth where Mr. Anderson's music was a mainstay. As an adult, I have fallen in love with his Piano Concerto and enjoy his music on CD's.

Philip A. Kerr
Baltimore, Maryland
May 16, 2012

Hello to the Anderson family & all who have made entries here;

This my sixth entry, and as always it nice to stop by, read other entries, and make a new one of my own. Having all of Mr. Anderson's CD's on my IPOD makes it easy to listen, whenever I am in the mood, and it all sounds as wonderful as ever. I just happened to listen to his Piano Concerto in C first, just by chance, and I agree with others here that it sounds new and refreshing now. Perhaps it was just ahead of it's time, or written at the wrong period, but sounded very good and up to date today. I have the TELARC version which included other works right after his (including George Gershwin's Second Rhapsody), and Mr. Anderson's was by far the best ! Time is the best factor in deciding who is best...!

Best regards,

Richard Gregg
Hayward, California
April 27, 2012

The music of this gifted composer always puts me in a happy mood! The Leroy Anderson exhibit at the Woodbury Library affords a little peek into how some of these original and pictorial melodies were inspired, as well as some humorous interactions with his family. It also displays names of innumerable well-known performers with their program covers who used Leroy Anderson's unforgettable melodies. So glad I was to be able to see the sleigh bells and clapper, as well as the alarm clock which inspired the composer. Many thanks for this wonderful exhibit!

Yours truly,

Margaret Sinclair
February 1, 2012

The pupils here at Northern House School, Oxford, UK have weekly assemblies where they are introduced to a new pieces of music. This week's assembly was a roundup of this term's music and a vote on their favorite piece of music. In a closely fought contest, Leroy Anderson's piece "The Typewriter" beat off a strong challenge from Beethoven's piano solo "Fur Elise". The children were really engaged in the music - it was charming how the children pretended to play their own imaginary musical typewriters along with the music.

Northern House School is a special primary school. We have about 80 pupils, all of whom have behavioural difficulties. Many have missed out on formal schooling in the past and come to us with a lot of ground to make up. We put a lot of emphasis on music and the arts in general. So, naturally, it's a great thrill to us all when they respond with enthusiasm to the various pieces of music that we play for them at weekly assemblies.

Jonathan Lockeley
Oxford, United Kingdom
February 1, 2012

Leroy Anderson is for me the very best composer.

Gastao Gal
Santa Cruz do Sul, RS,Brazil
January 12, 2012

The world loves all of Leroy Anderson's wonderful shorter works, as well it should. Now, let's celebrate the fact that the Piano Concerto is receiving the attention and acclaim it so richly deserves. I believe if you listen even once (and am absolutely certain if you listen twice) that Leroy Anderson's Piano Concerto will become a part of you.

The Rev. Dr. John A. Dalles
Longwood, Florida
January 6, 2012

I discovered this interesting tribute to Leroy Anderson after someone asked me to find out what the #1 song on the Hit Parade was when I was born. It turned out to be "Blue Tango" back in June of 1952.

Dan S.
Aldergrove, B.C.,
January 4, 2012