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Composition: "The Bluebells of Scotland"
Composer: Leroy Anderson
Copyright: © 1954, 1962 (Renewed) Woodbury Music Company LLC
Completed: 1954
Instrumentation: Full Orchestra, Concert Band
First Performance: July 31, 1954
First Concert Performance: July 31, 1954
Recorded by Leroy Anderson:
First Stereo Recording:
Published: 1954


Leroy Anderson's "Scottish Suite" had four movements: "The Bluebells of Scotland", "The Campbells Are Coming", "Bonnie Dundee", "Turn Ye To Me".  He conducted the entire suite in three performances.  The first performance was with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra on July 31, 1954.  The second performance was with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on December 31, 1954.  The third performance was with the University of Miami Summer Symphony on July 3 and again on July 10, 1955.

In 1956 Anderson withdrew "The Campbells Are Coming", "Bonnie Dundee", and "Turn Ye To Me" because he was not satisfied with them.  He had already recorded "Turn Ye To Me" on June 2, 1954.  However it was published only as a piano solo.

"The Campbells Are Coming" and "Bonnie Dundee" were neither recorded nor published.

Anderson recorded "The Bluebells of Scotland" on June 25, 1954.  He arranged the work for concert band.  Sheet music for "The Bluebells of Scotland" is available in two editions: Full Orchestra and Concert Band.

Significant recordings

1. Leonard Slatkin and the BBC Concert Orchestra recorded the entire "Scottish Suite" in 2007 for Naxos Records.

2. Frederick Fennell, 2005 ("Frederick Fennell conducts the music of Leroy Anderson")

3. Erich Kunzel, Rochester Pops, 1985 (Album titled "The Typewriter")

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