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Recordings by Leroy Anderson

Updated January 24 2019
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The following is a selected discography of original recordings by Leroy Anderson.
They were released from 1958 to 1962 on 33 1/3 rpm discs and on digitally remastered compact discs released posthumously.
78 rpm & 45 rpm discs from 1945-1962 and releases of identical recordings on different labels in U.K., Germany, New Zealand and elsewhere are not listed.

  1. Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite (Decca DL 4050; 1952)

  2. Leroy Anderson conducts Blue Tango and other Favorites (Decca DL 8121; 1958)

  3. A Christmas Festival (Decca DL 78925 (s); 1959)

  4. Leroy Anderson Conducts Leroy Anderson (Decca DL 78865 (s); 1959)

  5. Leroy Anderson Conducts His Music (Decca DL 78954 (s); 1960)

  6. The New Music of Leroy Anderson (Decca DL 74335 (s); 1962)

  7. The Leroy Anderson Collection (Digitally remastered from original Decca analog recordings) (MCA Classics MCAD2-9815-A&B; 1988)

  8. The Best of Leroy Anderson: Sleigh Ride (Digitally remastered from original Decca analog master recordings) (MCA Classics MCAD -11710; 1997)